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Postdoctoral Fellows Program

The next call for Postdoctoral Fellows will be issued around December 2020, with an application deadline of February 2021.

Ratner Fellows


Zuzana Tulpová

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Xiang Gao

Research field:  Nanofriction in junctions of layered materials


Balasubrahmaniyam Mukundakumar

Research field:  Emergent mesoscopic phenomenon in disordered optical systems and strongly interacting molecular-optical systems


Debashis Majhi

Research field: Investigating the Structure and Dynamics of Bacteriophage Viruses using Magic-Angle -Spinning (MAS) Solid State NMR.

Erdal C..png

Erdal C. Oğuz

Research fields: Statistical mechanics of soft condensed matter with emphasis on structure and dynamics of colloidal systems under external fields, self-assembly of soft quasicrystals, hyperuniformity of (a-)periodic structures, and activated colloidal suspensions

Wengen Ouyang.jpg

Wengen Ouyang

Research Frictional properties of Van der Waals structures 


Oindrila Halder

Research Solution Monolayer Epitaxy (SoME) technique for device applications    

Christian Heck.jpg

Christian Heck

Research  DNA Origami Based Nano-Sensors with Optical Amplification for Non-coding RNA



Research Experimental study of the effect of restart on search processes using holographic optical tweezers

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