Postdoctoral Fellows Program

The next call for Postdoctoral Fellows will be issued around December 2020, with an application deadline of February 2021.

Ratner Fellows

Xiang Gao

Research field:  Nanofriction in junctions of layered materials


Research field:  Emergent mesoscopic phenomenon in disordered optical systems and strongly interacting molecular-optical systems


Research field: Investigating the Structure and Dynamics of Bacteriophage Viruses using Magic-Angle -Spinning (MAS) Solid State NMR.

Erdal C.Oğuz

Research fields: Statistical mechanics of soft condensed matter with emphasis on structure and dynamics of colloidal systems under external fields, self-assembly of soft quasicrystals, hyperuniformity of (a-)periodic structures, and activated colloidal suspensions

Zuzana Tulpová

Research field: Optical mapping in nanochannels and nanopore sequencing with a focus on epigenetics and disease diagnostics

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